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OFA dentition application: ARC approved this database to record dog's gentetic proof of proper dentition. Download and take this form to your Vet. He will sign off and mail in to OFA. Download .pdf
DNA coat length test: Go to the DDC (animal DNA testing) web site and order your free "cheek swab" DNA test kits. Dilligently swab your dog's inside cheek and place in the kit and mail to DDC. The cost of the test is $58.00 per dog (as of Sept 2013). Find out if your dog is a long coat carrier within two weeks. DDC order form
Whelping- doppler chart: If you have a doppler, you will follow your pup's heart rates. Download this chart to easily record the rates on this printable chart. In Rottweilers you want to see above 180 bpm (beats per min.). Dropping into the 170's usually meens the pup is in stress. The average heart rates I see are 190-228. Download .pdf
Whelping- dam's temperature chart: Start taking your Dam's temperature 3x a day, equally spaced apart, at exactly the same times to try to catch the temerature drop. $ Download .pdf
Whelping- litter birthchart: Record your entire litter's birth information. Download .pdf
Vaccine chart: This is the chart I use to keep track of my dog's pertinent information. I use a three ring binder that I keep updated and the chart is placed in the cover pocket. Inside I have xerox copies of all dog's health and title certificates including a photo on the front of each dog's secion. In the last pages I have a copy of each of my litter records. No matter where I go, a trip, show or Vet's office "everything's in there"! Download .pdf
Dr. Dodd Vaccine schedule: This is the nationally recognized canine vaccine schedule reccomended to Veterinary schools in the U.S. View here

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