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Many times I have had "puppy people" ask me what should they have for their Rottweiler(s). So I have put together a list of items that I have found to "work for me" throughout the years. You will have to decide what is important to you. I will also try to suggest what the "must haves" should be for you on your new "short list".

I suggested of where to buy many items, but of course always do internet searches to find the best prices. I have also listed some of my favorite catalog companies at the bottom.

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Grooming equipment

Description Where to get them Photos
Table: Will be the foundation to your grooming time w/your dog. It may seem unnecessary but w/a ribbed, rubber top table you will have the dog at your waste level. This table w/a noose will really save your back & will be like an extra set of hands. I prefer the basic midwest brand table w/ the ribbed rubber floor. $$ Pet Edge
Table arm w/noose: I prefer the style pictured because if the arm is not being used, the top of the arm can be rotated back over as to not poke out and in the way. Also the square shaped post keeps it secure over the round shaft models that turn even if tightened down. Do not forget to buy the special inexpensive noose at the same time.... $$ Pet Edge
Miller's Forge Nail Clippers: This is the best, well made, and last forever. I use these to just take off the longest tip of the nail only if grown out. I like the Millers Forge brand $ Pet Edge
Local pet store
Dremel: Grinding the dog's nails makes them smooth and is a much less painful process for the dog. The Dremel is cheaper to buy from a home improvement store rather than to buy the Oster brand from pet stores, and it is the very same product! $ Home Depot
Dremel Flex Shaft: This is not a must have but, it does make it a little easier to gring nails. You will not be holding the motor directly (heating up in your hand and the wand is easier to manuver. $ Home depot
Dremel sanding drums: I get the most coarse drums #408- 60 grit. The fine grit drums produce a lot of heat and just burn the dog's nail beds, making it painful. $ Home Depot
Kwick Stop: Is a yellow powder that acts like styptic. You only need to use it in case an accidental nail is cut too short. Kwick Stop will stop bleeding (A must have) $ Local pet store
Zoom Groom: Is a silicone/rubber brush. It is excellent for the Rottweiler coat. By using in a circular rubbing motion it pulls out a lot of old hair w/out damaging hair or scratching the skin. It also massages and helps blood flow, which leads to a better coat $ (A MUST HAVE) Pet Edge
Local pet store
Crate: I suggest getting a Midwest brand 28" x 42" at the very least but, would prefer the 48", especially for Males or large females. I think these are good sizes especially if your dog is in the crate for longer periods of time. Do not get a drop pin style crate. It is a pain to put together, transport, and store. $ (A MUST HAVE) Local pet store
Craig's list
Lt. Blue foam board: This is styrofoam insulation board made by Dow and comes in very lightweight 4' x 8' sheets'. It is excellent for under crate pans. Great for insulation, dog comfort, pan support, and quiets pan wire rattle. Make sure you place it "under" the dog pan and top of the wire bottom. (I also use the big sheets under whelp boxes for added insulation. $ Home Depot
2 qt. stainless hanging food bowl: The two quart is a good size for the Rottweiler. I prefer the removable hanger seen here. This helps keep the bowl in a location easy to retrieve rather than scooted to the back of the crate or moved around the room. Also it is a good idea to have the deep chested breed eat their food just below their chest line but off the floor to help keep away bloat. $ The find
Local pet stores
2 qt. stainless water bucket: The two quart is a good size for the Rottweiler. Notice the flat back on the bucket and it is important to get a bucket witht the ends of the handle imbedded into the sides and not sticking out to catch or poke. $ Pet Edge
Local pet stores
Bath rinse: Show people use this after the shampoo, why not you?! Listerine Mint. After the shampoo and rinse, spray this on medium. Lightly rub into coat/skin. make sure you get around ears, neck, rear, base of tail, and belly. It is antibacterial and helps keep away fleas and ticks. This is not a substitute for your normal flea/tick prevention! Do not get any in orifices, it will be like Ben-Gay in your eye! $ (A MUST HAVE) Grocery stores
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Food, treats, supplements, meds, etc...

Description Where to get them Photos
Purina Pro Plan, FOCUS, Large-Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice: I've fed this for 20+ years. Have had great results of proper growth, health, coats, no allergies. $$ Local pet stores
Purina Pro Plan, Large Breed, Adult Chicken & Rice: I've fed this for 20+ years. Have had great results of proper growth, health, coats, no allergies. This food has a 26/16 ratio of protein to fat. Good for the average rottweiler lifestyle. (If your dog is more active then look for the: Advanced 28/18 or the Performance 30/20) $$ Local pet stores
Nupro "Silver": Excellent, important, fundamental Vitamins & minerals, in powder form, to be mixed in your dog's food, creating a slight flavored gravey. $ (A MUST HAVE) Pet stores
Water: Seems obvious huh? But you must keep clean, fresh water available to dogs 24-7. Also, please add about 1/3 cup water to all dry kibble feedings. This has proven to help against bloat onset. (A MUST HAVE)
Sure Grow 100: A proper calcium/phosphorus balanced supplement for canines. DO NOT use any calcium product, using the wrong thing could actually shut down or cause improper bone growth in a dog! Only use up to 17 months old. $ Care-A-Lot
Some pet stores
Canned Pumpkin: Make sure you buy Plain Pumpkin and not spiced pumpkin pie mix. For those times of loose stool, it will help tighten. Even if the dog is very ill it will be easy on the tummy. $ grocery store
Cans of Green beans: For those times of constipation, it will help loosen. It is also perfect if your dog is over weight. To help a heavy dog feel full, in a healthy way, remove part of their dry kibble then add green beans to the diet. Look for low sodium green beans. You can also use frozen thawed. $ Grocery store
Whole Fat yogurt: Look for 4% fat. Just feed occasionally, not suggested daily. Good to help keep good bacteria in the gut. $ Grocery store
Purina Fortiflora: This is excellent probiotics for the gut. It's recommended by Veterinarians for dog's intestinal tracts that are coming back to health from illnesses. I use it occasionally "sprinkled on their food like salt" to keep their tracts constantly able to fight health issues and keep tracts strong. $$
VegetablesI mix it up, use any greens, carrots, etc...Do not use sweet potatoes, broccoli, or any bulb (onion/garlic), keep starches low. I grind up fresh, uncooked Veg to a coarse sand consistency, put in fridge. Add a heaping T to each meal or @ least once a day. Do not use just greens all the time, that is too much iron. Try to rotate a rainbow of color veg. $ Grocery store
Fruits: I mix it up, use any fruits, apples, oranges, pears, berries etc... Do not use grapes, or raisins. $ Grocery store
Canned fish: I occasionally add canned fish to my dog's food. It does not cost any more than regular canned food. I find good deals on canned fish at dollar stores at about $1.00 per can. Be careful to avoid high salt content or tomatoe sauce. Buy Mackeral, sardines, or salmon. $ Dollar stores
Cod Liver oil: I prefer purchasing refridgerated bottled. Use about a Tlbsp. a day. Start slow and back off a little if loose stool starts. Always keep refrigerated and never leave out.Try to locate Any "Norwegian" imorted. For no more money you are guaranteed no metals and a higher quality product $$ Health food store
Clora-Care: Excellent for the skin, add to shampoo or put directly on skin, best use is for any staff. infections $ Nature's Farmacy
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Toys and chews

Description Where to get them Photos
Kong WobblerSize Large: about $22.00 Great for keeping dogs/pups busy when alone. Put in crate @ night, especially when getting use to their new home. $ (A MUST HAVE) Pet Smart
Rawhide: The only rawhide I suggest is in pressed form. Looks like tiny bits pressed together to form the shape. I do not recommend the sheets or rolled sheets into bone shapes. If swallowed in large pieces it can laminate to the inside of the stomach wall or big ends of rawhide bones can be swallowed causing issues. Use Rawhide VERY sparingly! Buy American only!, read the very fine print (imported from) on the back of the package, very important! $ Any pet store
Bones: For the strong Rottweiler jaw I only suggest the knuckle end of the bones. They are porous and act to clean teeth.Do Notuse the long "cannon" bone, it is too hard and cracks teeth. Never usecooked chicken or steak bones. $ Good info on bones White Dog Bone Co.
Tuff Scale toys: This variety of toy seems to hang w/the rottweiler very well. I found it to last the longest. A little more expensive but last a long time. $$ Tuffie Toys
Many pet stores
Plain dog stuffies: I always check out thrift stores, the toys are cheap, just wash them of course. Take off any buttons, eyes, noses etc... Also make sure there are no weight beans, pellets or battery parts. $ Thrift stores
Boomer Ball The best Rottweiler toy on the planet. Get the basketball size toy. Made of very hard plastic and will last forever! $ (A MUST HAVE) Any pet store
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Books, Catalogs, clubs, forms...

Description links Photos

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook: Excellent basic book to help you trouble shoot, understand, and describe an issue/symptoms to your Vet or home cure your dog when the Vet is not needed. $ (A MUST HAVE)

Doppler chart: If you have a doppler, you will follow your pup's heart rates. Download this chart to easily record the rates on this printable chart. In Rottweilers you want to see above 180 bpm (beats per min.). Dropping into the 170's usually meens the pup is in stress. The average heart rates I see are 190-228. Download .pdf
Dam's pre-whelp temperature chart: Start taking your Dam's temperature 3x a day, equally spaced apart, at exactly the same times to try to catch the temerature drop. $ Download .pdf
Litter birthchart: Record your entire litter's birth information. Download .pdf
Vaccine chart: This is the chart I use to keep track of my dog's pertinent information. I use a three ring binder that I keep updated and the chart is placed in the cover pocket. Inside I have xerox copies of all dog's health and title certificates including a photo on the front of each dog's secion. In the last pages I have a copy of each of my litter records. No matter where I go, a trip, show or Vet's office "everything's in there"! Download .pdf
Dr. Dodd Vaccine schedule: This is the nationally recognized canine vaccine schedule reccomended to Veterinary schools in the U.S. View here

White Dog Bone: Excellent, American made bones, rawhide, treats quality products at good prices. A quality family owned business. White Dog Bone
Care-A-Lot: One of the catalog companies that I buy from. Care-A-Lot
Revival: One of my favorite catalog companies that I buy from. They have always been a quality company to work with and back their products well. Fill your prescriptions through them. Revival
JandJ: One of the very best catalog companies for obedience training equipment/supplies that I buy from. J and J
J-B Wholesale: One of the catalog companies that I buy from. J-B Wholesale
Nature's Farmacy: One of the catalog companies that I buy from. Good for probiotics, homeopathics, Immune boosters, Enzymes, breeding/whelping supplies, Vitamins, minerals. Nature's Farmacy
K V pet supply: One of the catalog companies that I buy from. K V pet supply
Pet Edge Pet Supply: One of the catalog companies that I buy from. I am happy with their grooming products, collars, etc.... Pet Edge