Pictorial how to: express anals

This is "my process" of expressing anals. With that said, I realize that there are people who may do things differently. I am hopeful that my information and photos may help my new owners or simply offer help to anyone looking for it. I also find it easier to show people through these photos rather than just explain over the phone. This demonstration is based on my large breed, the Rottweiler, some information may be different for smaller breeds ...


Have you ever?. noticed your dog sitting then scooting its's rear on the floor?, then the anals are full. If you ever have had your dog startle and a horrible odor and or liquid is squirted that is beyond horrible?, then that dog's anals were full. I choose to express my dogs anals at bathtime. It can be easily washed to clean and it's a more protected area to do the expressing.


Before you get started. The drawings show a bare hand but you may wish to wear a thin laytex glove for this process. These glands hold a very powerful stench. I prefer to express the glands for three reasons. One, that they can become impacted and creat a big problem. Two it can be uncomfortable for the dog. Three, I prefer to control when they are expressed as opposed to the dog loosing them in an unfortunate place.


anal gland positions


Here are the Anal gland locations. These glands are generally the size of a pea to a lima bean. They sit just inside each side of the anus at approximately 3:30 and 8:30.




finger insertion for expressing gland


finger insertion & position. This is how I position my fingers to express glands. For the left gland, insert the right first finger tip in the anus gently. Starting at about 11:00, squeeze in a downward stroke between finger and thumb. It will be like squeezing a tube of toothpaste and expressing a large pimple. Then do the same on the opposite side



Linda Draper/Eternal Moon Rottweilers
"A steward of our noble breed"