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The Canine Health Information Center, also known as CHIC, is a centralized canine health database jointly sponsored by the AKC/Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). The American Rottweiler club requires a mandatory CHIC number on any Rottweiler that is bred by it's members.

CHIC Mission Statement
To provide a source of health information for breeders, owners, and scientists, that will assist in breeding healthier dogs.

ROTTWEILER CHIC NUMBERS ARE GROWING As of February, 2008, 5583 Rottweilers have qualified to receive a CHIC number! This is a huge increase from August, 2006, when only 959 Rottweilers were qualified to receive a CHIC number and earlier in February, 2002 when only 250 Rottweilers had qualified to receive a CHIC number.The Rottweiler Health Foundation is delighted in the number of Rottweiler owners who have tested their dogs and remain dedicated to a healthy, well-bred Rottweiler.

2012 OFA rottweiler % test results

Registry Rank Evaluations % Abnormal % Normal
Cardiac 48 5869 0.4 99.3
Elbow 3 15021 39.4 60.1
Hips 32 93301 20.2 77.9
Eyes N/A 28 3.6 96.4

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Rottweilers are one of the founding breeds of the CHIC pilot projet. At the Parent Club National Canine Health Conference in St. Louis 2000, the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) announced the concept of developing a Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). At that time, the organizers did not know what the project was going to look like or how they were going to get off the ground, but they did announce that several breeds would be hand selected as pilot breeds to develop the database and ultimately determine if this was a feasible project. Almost a year later and after a bit of "political effort", the Board of the American Rottweiler Club received an invitation to be a pilot breed in the CHIC project. The Boards of both the ARC and RHF were delighted to accept the invitation to participate in this important project. For years, the Board of the ARC has been interested in somehow developing tools to educate breeders and help facilitate the breeding of quality Rottweilers. It was out of this concern and commitment to the future health of our breed that the Rottweiler Health Foundation was created. CHIC certainly has the potential to address this goal.

The project mission is fairly simple: to provide a source of health information for owners, breeders and scientists that will assist in breeding healthy dogs.

The goals of CHIC are:
  1. To work with the parent clubs and their health foundations in the identification of health issues for which a central information system should be established.
  2. To establish and maintain a central health information system in a form/manner that will support research into canine diseases and provide health information to owners and breeders.
  3. To establish scientifically valid diagnostic criteria for the acceptance of information into the database.
  4. To base the availability of information on individually identified dogs at the consent of the owners.

CHIC Operating Guidelines:
  1. Parent Clubs must identify and be actively involved in the management of breed specific health issues. That managemnet must be part of a central information system which is essential to the success of CHIC.
  2. The data entered and maintained in CHIC must be accessible and useful for authorized scientific research into canine diseases. It must also be maintained in a format that makes such information available to owners and breeders alike.
  3. The availability of information on individual dogs in CHIC will be subject to the owner's consent.
  4. There must be scientifically valid diagnostic criteria and procedures created in advance for the receipt of information about any disease into the CHIC database.
  5. There will be a requirement for permanent identification of every dog from whom data is taken and entered into the CHIC database.
  6. CHIC, once established, will offer DNA storage services for families of dogs with specific diseases.

How CHIC can benefit you and the Rottweiler:

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The Board of the American Rottweiler Club, with consultation of the Rottweiler Health Foundation board, has selected the following information that is to be collected on the Rottweiler: