Breeder's Purpose

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Once you read about the Rottweiler history, you can clearly see the evolution of the Rottweiler's purpose. Consider the breed's uncanny strength to have adapted in so many ways over decades. Now we stand at a time, when we want it all, the Rottweiler is adapting again. Often there is a push/pull split amongst breeders; some wish to stay true to the breed's high drive working abilities, through schutzhund, police, and protection work, while of course, retaining mentally balanced dogs. Then others on the opposite end of the spectrum want rottweilers who are sweet, calm, relaxed, w/low or no drive, for everyday owners who have children in kid friendly neighborhoods. (Now, don't send me hate mail, if you know this breed, you know what I am talking about). Our Rottweilers today are all those things and most can do it all. Their versatility is actually the real beauty of the Rottweiler, they can adapt to anything, given the commitment level of the breeder/owner/trainer.


We are also facing a time in which circumstances and the media have created a witch-hunt of sorts on our fabulous breed. This negative sway has helped force out some of the "bad growers" through public outcry and education, but the good committed breeders must hang strong and continue to fight for survival of this great breed. This same blitz has put undue pressures on the diligent and committed quality breeders who are unfairly targeted by laws, fees, false fears and assumptions. BSL or "Breed specific legislation" unfairly impacts the good as it goes after the bad. As city after city ban certain breeds due to a few bad individuals it slowly eats through the very fabric of everyone's rights in our great country. I ask everyone to think of this.... "If a Rottweiler owned by an irresponsible owner attacks a child, should all Rottweilers be banned?" What about the other Rottweilers who are search and rescue dogs, or a junior handler's friendly show dog, or the rescue rottweiler who visits nursing homes and brings life back to those he sees, let alone the countless Rottweilers who are very loving and would not hurt a fly. I ask you, if a Ford pick up truck driven by a drunk driver runs over a young man, do you ban all Ford pick up trucks, or address the drunk driver himself?

Breeder, not Grower

Now, back to "breeders". There is a MASSIVE difference between "breeders" and "growers". I honestly take great offense when the general public lumps them together and considers anyone that puts two dogs together "a breeder". True breeders are quality driven and highly committed over many, many years as stewards of our breed. It always takes many years for breeders to achieve the depth required to truly make a great impact. They must understand history, genetics, health, nutrition, and the needs of the rottweiler to improve our breed, and also be able to guide owners and the public properly. They do not breed to just make more dogs.


Showing is such an important part of the breeding world. It keeps us in touch with what is being produced, exchanging information about health/structure/breakthroughs/training/etc..., meeting and educating the public and being scrutinized by our piers. Let me tell you, it can be a tough wall to climb. A quick "black ball" is around every corner for the smallest mistake! The breeding/showing pier group is feirce! The awards and kudos are really such a small part of what dog shows are really about, even though the "Upfront Glitz" is all that most people see.


The quality breeder's purpose is to protect our breed by personal and public education and to only breed healthy and structurally sound dogs with great love and care. The general public and media needs to understand the countless hours and expense a good breeder invests, so the rottweiler breed continues in health, and happiness for generations into the future for everyone.

Linda Draper
A rottweiler steward