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Linda and Millie with Hunter, ET and little Shocka

Eternal Moon is a small, private kennel owned by Millie & Linda Draper, on three acres, in Apex, North Carolina, USA; it is a "just west" suburb of Raleigh. They pride themselves on physically & mentally balanced Rottweilers that are well cared for by quality rather than quantity. Millie and Linda expect a lot from their owners as well because they bring these wonderful little puppies on this planet and we are committed to their permanent well being.

Linda and Eternal Sunlit They came into "the business" of Rottweilers in 1994, after a number of years in Quarter Horses. In the horse show world, Linda obtained many titles including World Champion All Around Youth, International IBHA Runner-up Queen, and placing 13th individual (out of over 200 entries), and team first in American regional judging competition. Mom (Millie) received the "horse show Mother of the year" award several times, Linda boasts!!! : ) Anyone that knows Millie would understand that! "Always there for everyone!"

The two of them study and "brainstorm" with other professional breeders, Veterinarians, & researchers for the best possible outcome for their puppies. By testing OFA hips/elbows/heart/eyes/dentition thoroughly, then breeding only those dogs that are CHIC certified result in a greater percentage of long term healthy dogs over persons that do not perfom health testing. They do not just breed to the top winning dogs of the day, but also pay attention to the genetics; will the phenotype and genotype be a pleasing and healthy combination? Always willing to take bitches to the "right" male no matter the distance so, finding only local breeding stock is not important.

The Legarht's with Lacy Linda and Millie state, "We follow through with our owners for each dog placed, and expect them to ask any question they want, day or night. We are always "there" for our rottweiler family that keeps growing." Linda says "I also encourage my "puppy people" get to know each other, and help each other like a growing support group." Nobody has the "only" answer. Many times it is a matter of guidance and "trial an error" with each dog's personality. If Eternal Moon does not have the answer they will try to find out. "Quoting Glenn Pollock of Asgard Rottweilers. "Our goal is to improve & educate about our breed, and teach RESPONSIBLE dog ownership. We breed show/conformation quality Rottweilers by the ARC recommended - AKC Standard."

Breeding to the means, that the dogs should always be physically structured to work and behave as previous Rottweilers for many generations to come. If you are looking for a puppy (show or companion) you should find a "reputable breeder". A reputable breeder ONLY breeds health tested Dogs, based on the (AKC breed standard), and frequently attends shows to title and compare stock and continuly learn, socializing with other breeders dedicated to the future of the noble rottweiler breed. This is the best way to ensure the health, behavior and future of any well bred dog. Charles Manson and Dr. Mehmet OzIf a grower tells you that they are "not breeding show dogs, and they do not need ribbons to prove their dogs worth" that means that they are NOT breeding for the soundness of the breed. They are just manufacturing puppies, hence "backyard breeder, puppy mill or as I refer to them as- growers". Also, when an unscrupulous breeder boasts that their pups are "papered", let me tell you ...AKC "papers" are very important but are only the canine equivalent of birth certificates. These "papers" are NO guarantee of personality, quality pedigree, or health. You need to know all about the Sire and Dam of the puppy, given the choice of adopting a child sired by Charles Manson or Dr. Mehmet Oz, which would you choose? The pedigree in the papers does matter, not just papers!

Sometimes we have a rescue Rottweiler to place. If we do not have a rescue Rottweiler, for placement, we suggest checking out SSRR, Southern States Rottweiler Rescue. You can find their link on the lower left of our home page. We are committed to finding secure homes for these "once already" forgotten Rottweilers. Please contact us if you are interested in a rescue. Please enjoy Eternal Moon's site and let us know what you think.

Watch for this rising kennel, on your horizon, at a show near you!

Millie & Linda Draper

Rottweiler Breeders

Eternal Moon front gate Eternal Moon Note: How the Eternal Moon kennel name came about Years ago Linda loved the famous Quarter Horse Eternal Sun. When it came for a kennel name Linda thought of Eternal Sun! but, with disapointment, she felt it better suited a golden Retriever kennel. Then, one balmy summer night a full moon was reflecting in the dark, gently lapping water. There it was.... Eternal Moon, not, eternal sun... The noble rottweiler, strong, calm, dark, keen, stoic, quiet, stalwart...

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A must read...

This seven page, PDF download, interview w/ Miss Kiene Zandbergen embodies the thinking, ethics and solidity every owner and new breeder should want to obtain. I admire her thoughts and views. If you decide to become a breeder/owner UNDERSTAND the commitment to the Rottweiler breed and become a good ethical BREEDER/OWNER not just a grower!