• Eternal Moon Rottweilers & Norwich Terriers

    Eternal Moon is a private kennel in Apex, North Carolina, U.S.A. , run by Linda & Millie Draper

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  • Eternal Moon Dogs & Bitches

    We pride ourselves on care and quality rather than quantity.

    Our Champions

    21 Owner-handled Champions, 12 Bred-By Champions....and still counting.

    We follow

    through with our owners for each dog placed.

    We do expect a lot

    from our owners because we bring these wonderful little puppies on this planet and we are committed to their well being.

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  • Eternal Moon Litters

    We pride ourselves on care and quality rather than quantity.

    Our Rottweilers & Norwich

    are well cared for, balanced physically & mentally, and are always breed ambassadors.

    Excellent companion puppies

    We breed for health and show but, of course have excellent companion puppies as well.

    Norwich litters

    We occasionally have a Norwich litter as we instill our new breed

    Meet our Puppies

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NOTE: No puppies are ever shipped. Puppies are only sold by breeder to direct owner approved aquisition.

Eternal Moon: Who we are...

Eternal Moon profile by Purina

Purina-Today's Breeder profile of Eternal Moon

ROMPING in a partly wooded one-and-a-half-acre fenced yard, a pack of large, bearlike black dogs with short, docked tails are a sight of uncanny, breathtaking beauty. Walking with them is the unmistakable leader of the pack, Eternal Moon Rottweiler breeder Linda Draper....

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